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English Civil War
Bygone Age
1940's Britain
General Interest
Cat No. The Victorian Period 1837-1901 (1/32 Scale) £each Image
  The Victorian Period (Small Kits)      
VC1 Hot Chestnut Barrow 13.50 Camera
VC2 Costermonger's Barrow 13.50 Camera
VC3 Fishmonger's Barrow 13.50 Camera
VC4 Punch and Judy Show 13.50 Camera
VC5 Victorian gas street lamp 7.50 Victorian gas street lamp
VC6 Railings set 3 x 40mm 7.50 Railings set 3 x 40mm
VC7 Pair of deck-chairs 9.00 Pair of deck-chairs
VC8 Park Bench 9.00 Camera
VC11 Barrel Organ 13.50 Camera
VC12 Ice Cream Cart 13.50 Camera
  The Victorian Period (Figurines)      
V1 Gentleman standing with cane 8.00 Gentleman standing with cane
V2 Lady standing 8.00 Lady standing
V3 General street trader standing 8.00 General street trader standing
V4 Fishmonger standing 8.00 Camera
V5 Small urchin boy standing 5.00 Camera
V6 Small girl standing 5.00 Camera Awaiting Stock
V7 Policeman standing 8.00 Policeman standing
V8 Young man walking with cane 8.00 Camera
V9 Young lady walking with parasol 8.00 Camera
V10 Donkey and young girl rider (complete) 15.00 Camera
V11 Man standing to lead donkey 8.00 Camera
V14 Woman seated reading for park bench VC8 (figure only) 8.00 Camera
V15 Man seated cross-legged for park bench VC8 (figure only) 8.00 Camera
V16 Milkman standing 8.00 Camera
V17 Cavalry Sergeant standing in walking out dress 8.00 Camera
V18 Holmes and Watson relaxing at 221b Baker Street (complete) 33.00 Camera
V19 Seated man playing piano (complete) 29.00 Camera
V24 The Governess standing 8.00 Camera
V25 Gentleman standing reading paper 8.00 Camera
V26 Man and lady seated eating picnic (complete) 21.00 Camera
V27 Country Gentleman riding (complete) 26.00 Camera
V28 Country lady riding side saddle (complete) 26.00 Camera
V29 Gentleman standing in outdoor dress 8.00 camera
V30 Lady standing in outdoor dress 8.00 camera
V31 Workman walking 8.00 camera
V32 Small boy 4.00 camera
V33 Small girl 4.00 camera
V34 Postman 8.00 camera
V35 Blacksmith with anvil and tools (complete) 16.50 camera
V36 Man leaning against the wall reading a newspaper 8.00 Man leaning against the wall reading a newspaper