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  Cast white metal except where stated, items 6 to 13 are only suitable for Manning Wardles or similar.      
L1 Ramsbottom unshrouded safety valve assembly - 3 piece kit 2.50 Image
L2 Roscoe displacement lubricator (smokebox side mounting only) 1.00 Image
L2A Roscoe displacement lubricator with external pipe fitting 1.00 Image
L3 Steel type, footplate mounting toolbox 1.50 Image
L4 Two lever smokebox door dart fastening 1.00 Image
L5 Lever & wheel smokebox door dart fastening 1.00 Image
L6 Smokebox front, circular door 2.50 Image
L7 Smokebox front, semi-circular flat door 2.50 Image
L8 Smokebox front, semi-circular raised door 2.50 Image
L9 Smokebox, flat base sits on footplate 3.50 Image
L10 Cylinder block assembly, fits below footplate 2.00 Image
L11 Standard Manning Wardle chimney 2.00 Image
L11A Manning Wardle L.S.W.R. stovepipe chimney 2.00 Image
L12 Safety valve casing, G.N. style 1.50 Image
L13 E.B.Wilson safety valve casing (fluted) with brass top rim 1.75 Image
L14 Left & Right hand water gauge glasses with blow down fittings (kit) 4.00 Image
L15 L.B. & S.C.R. Marsh safety valve casing assembly 2.00 Image
L16 Pair of 4-spoke brake handwheels, scale 12" diameter 1.50 Image
L16A Pair of plain 4-spoke handwheels, scale 11" diameter 1.50 Image
L17 Brake standard for N.G or Industrial locos. (or brake vans) with L shaped handle 1.50 Image
L18 Brake standard for N.G or Industrial locos. (or brake vans) with handwheel 1.50 Image
L19 Free standing reversing lever assembly & reach rod (ex Manning Wardle) 3.50 Image
L20 Pair of (front face to smokebox) tank securing brackets 1.50 Image
L21 Manifold and whistle 1.50 Image
L22 Pair of boiler feed clacks 1.50 Image
L23 Pair of steam pressure gauges 1.50 Image
L24 Pair of vacuum pipe assemblies 2.00 Image
L25 Pair of twin volute spring assemblies (LOCATE BELOW AXLEBOX) 2.00 Image
L26 Chimney (ex. Barclay Class E) 1.60 Image
L27 Traversing loco. jack - 2 piece kit with nickel silver rod pillars 2.50  
L28 Traversing locomotive jack - BRASS one piece casting. 4.00 Image
L29 5-ton tapered column traversing locomotive jack - 2 piece kit for 10BA fixing 1.50 Image
L30 Stove pipe chimney (fits Barclay) 1.60 Image
L31 Pair of small valve handwheels (approx. scale diameter 5 1/2") 1.20 TBA
  Cast white metal except where stated.      
T1 Pair of destination boxes for open top tram 2.00 Image
T2 Pair of BTH B18 controllers, handles & reversing keys 6.00 Image